Let’s face it. There is a lot of information out there for sellers about getting your home ready to sell. You clear the clutter. You de-personalize. You paint and prep. But there are a few tips that need to be addressed before listing your home for sale.

Top Home Selling Tips Before You List

#1 Your first showing happens online

Buyers start their search online and determine what homes they want to see in person. If your home looks less than stellar in photographs, a buyer may pass up seeing it in person. Help your real estate broker help you. Get your house in show shape BEFORE listing photos. The photos should entice buyers to take the next step and schedule a showing.

95% of Buyers Start Their Home Search Online

#2 It’s not about you

Like you, buyers often work 9-5 and possibly on weekends. They are coordinating their schedule with their broker’s and time is often limited. Make it easy on buyers by accommodating showing requests whenever requested. After all, if they are coming to your home In person, you are ahead of the game based on tip #1. Buyers may also be out of towners and on a limited schedule. Your house could be the one. Let them see it.

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#3 Don’t take feedback personally

Remember that buyers could be comparing your home to many others depending on the price point and what is available. Usually brokers are very thoughtful in their feedback to the listing agent. Heed feedback that is price and condition related. Those are the two things you can control. If you hear the same feedback topics over and over again, it’s time to take action.

#4 If you get an offer, try to work with it

Sometimes it takes one showing to get an offer. Sometimes it takes 50. You never know. Respond in a timely manner to any offer you receive and don’t be offended if you feel an offer is on the low side. Like you, a buyer is trying to see what the other side will do. The fact that someone took the time to write an offer means they are interested and often, they will come up in price if your home is priced competitively and in its best condition.

#5 Understand your competition and heed your broker’s advice about pricing

Everyone thinks their house is special and deserves top dollar. However, you need to understand what your competition is and how it’s priced. Your broker should provide comps (comparable properties) to determine price. If there are numerous similarly priced homes on the market in your comp set, don’t expect yours to sell higher. Be realistic. Don’t start $20,000 above market when there is a lot of competition. You could be shooting yourself in the foot. Buyers have the data and know when something is over-priced.

Ready to Sell?

We hope these tips will help you when it comes to selling your home. We would be delighted to provide a free market analysis of your home. Connect with one of our real estate professionals to get started.