Loved working with Kevin. He's straight forward, has your best interest in mind, and is fun to work with. Highly recommend.

- Happy Home Owner

If I didn’t have Kevin managing my properties, I would likely sell them.  I have rented homes for a number of years and I have experienced most of the difficult things that can happen when renting.  You have to get a reliable tenant, you have to keep the property up with cost effective maintenance and you have to diplomatically manage the concerns of the tenant.  To get all of those qualities, the field gets narrowed down very quickly.  Kevin is highly experienced and knows how to identify and steer away from trouble.  Renting properties can be very stressful, the confidence I have in Kevin’s ability to effectively manage the properties is invaluable.

- Zillow User

This letter is in reference to Kevin Satornino and his exemplary assistance and customer service.  I had an employment situation that required me to move to the Winston Salem area from several hours away, on very short notice.  I had three days in town to make arrangements.  Day 1 was harrowing, stressful and overwhelming trying to find my way to sub-par properties I'd stumbled upon online, that ultimately did not meet my needs anyway.  Fortunately around lunchtime on Day 2, I found a link of a listing that Mr. Satornino had just posted the day prior.  I contacted him immediately, explained my situation, and he was gracious enough work a hustle and meet me at the property within an hour of my call.  He was knowledgeable about the property and the area, and was able to answer all of my immediate questions.  I told him I wanted the property, and he assured me he would make things move quickly.  Shortly thereafter he forwarded me the link to the rental application, which I easily completed that night.  We touched base on the phone the next morning to clarify a couple things on my app, and I was able to ask a few more questions that had later come to mind.  Throughout that day, Mr. Satornino reached out to me several times to confirm/answer my questions, and made arrangements for me to complete the paperwork needed first thing the following morning so that I could make my return trip back.  I'm moving in 2 days following completion of that paperwork!  Great service, reliable and timely responses...I highly recommend!! Thank you!!!

- Happy Home Owner

Kevin was great to work with. Very dedicated to helping us find a home and went above and beyond to make it happen. Very knowledgeable and a great negotiator. He was not in a hurry for us to make a quick purchase; he wanted us to make the right purchase.

- Happy Home Owner

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